Change to how discounts work… for the better!

Discount coupons are so last century! Well, maybe last year!

The thing is, if you didn’t see the banner at the top of the page when you were checking out previously, you missed out on that sweet 15% off. That kinda sucks.

So things have changed to make it fair for everyone… now, all you need to do is buy some tips and automatically be rewarded with a discount. And better still, the more earbud tips you buy – from any category, not just the same colour or size – the more discount you receive!

For example, in the table below, you can see that one pair of tips costs $3.50, but three pairs costs $3.15 each – that’s 10% off just like that!

buy more tips, get a bigger discount!

Whether it’s three pairs of yellow Standard tips, or one pair of black Standard tips, one pair of red Sony tips, and one pair of Jaybird tips, you’d still get 10% off in both scenarios.

But discount coupons haven’t totally gone the way of the dodo, or mammoth… every order completed up until now has received an email with a 10% off coupon, which will still be honoured. Additionally, every order contains a business card with a special 20% off code, which will continue for the foreseeable future. Best of all, these coupon codes can be combined with the item discounts above to get up to a massive 40% off a subsequent order!

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to processing your order soon!

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