A New Way to Pay!

Pay securely online with POLi paymentsLet us introduce to you: POLi Payments!

This is a great new way to pay for your order online, from your bank account, without leaving our site… POLi Payments is just like Internet Banking. If you’ve bought tickets online with Air New Zealand, or paid for your car registration on the NZTA site, or even shopped at The Warehouse online, then you may have already come across this payment method.

So, at the checkout, you will be presented with different options to pay for your order.  If you choose POLi Payments, and click Place order, you will be presented with a POLi Payments screen where you’ll be required to select your bank. All the major trading banks are able to be used. POLi payments work with these banks: Available Banks.

Order reference when paying with POLi paymentsAfter selecting your bank and clicking Continue, you will then be prompted to log into your bank account – log in using your normal internet banking username and paswsword.

Once logged in, you will then need to choose which account to pay with. Your order number is already linked to your POLi Payments ID so no need to fill in any of the fields if you don’t want to.

After clicking Continue one more time, you will be asked to confirm the transaction.

You can cancel the transaction at any stage of the process – this will take you back to the check out screen on this website.

This is a fast and secure payment method, and at no time does Earbuds NZ see your account information or internet banking login details: POLi payments acts as a broker between your account and our account.

Click the POLi Internet Banking at the top-right of this news post for more information about POLi payments.

If you have any questions, you can contact us directly, or leave a comment below. Go Shopping!

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